The Direktorenhaus celebrates birthday!

For 10 years now, the direc­tors’ house has been showing the very best of applied arts: unique pieces, small series and concep­tual work. The anniver­sary will be cele­brated in May 2021.

In the begin­ning, the Direk­toren­haus was an aban­doned ruin on the Spree, as it stood and lay (this is real estate German). Without elec­tricity, without water. An over­looked corner in the centre of the capital. But still: there was the oppor­tu­nity for a surprise. Berlin needed an exhi­bi­tion house for applied art. An inde­pen­dent place for aesthetic tradi­tion and — above all — breaking with tradi­tion.

During the day, the house, with its high ceil­ings and French balconies, is a refuge of produc­tive concen­tra­tion. On the floors of the director’s house, there are studios, work­shops and studios in addi­tion to the exhi­bi­tion rooms. This is where the Fellows, painters, designers, arti­sans and sound designers work. Program­mat­i­cally, the Direk­toren­haus is committed to a new posi­tioning of applied art. Why this? If arts and crafts are only the little sister of art, as is so readily circu­lated in the hip art market, then it is the little clever sister: in artistic crafts­man­ship a current posi­tive vision of the future appears, which medi­ates between prox­imity and distance, respon­si­bility and beauty and touches the reality of many people’s lives.

On some evenings the direc­tors’ house is trans­formed. Into a space­ship or a place for dissi­dent things, which does not seem to fit into its surround­ings. We are happy that we can cele­brate our 10th anniver­sary. We thank all those with whom we have been able to build and expe­ri­ence this together until today.

Katja Kleiss and Pascal Johanssen