Meisterrat again in Paris

In December 2019, the French coun­ter­part of the Meis­terrat, the French Craft Council “Les Maîtres d’Art”, cele­brated its anniver­sary: for 25 years, our partner organ­i­sa­tion has repre­sented French craftsmen.

On the occa­sion of this anniver­sary, a cere­mony of several days took place at Place St. Germain under the patronage of Pres­i­dent Emmanuel Macron. Repre­sen­ta­tives of Les Maîtres d’Art and the Meis­terrat Berlin-Bran­den­burg e.V. devel­oped a varied anniver­sary program for this event, which was held from December 12 to 15. The event was spon­sored by the French Ministry of Culture.

Through symposia, panel discus­sions, exhi­bi­tions and presen­ta­tions by indi­vidual arti­sans, the event func­tioned as a German-French network meeting. Katja Kleiss and Pascal Johanssen intro­duced the German scene of craftsmen and manu­fac­turers to the guests of French poli­tics, including the Secre­tary of State for the Maitre d’Art Florent Kiefer, in order to lay the foun­da­tion for further coop­er­a­tion projects. Discus­sions already began in 2018 in order to better assess the German and French condi­tions of the arts and crafts scene.

Concerts on hand­crafted musical instru­ments rounded off the cultural frame­work of the event. Like the Meis­terrat Berlin-Bran­den­burg e.V., the Les Maîtres d’Art serves as a plat­form to support and network designers, arti­sans and manu­fac­turers. Thus, in addi­tion to numerous French craftsmen, ten German manu­fac­to­ries were also presented. Another high­light of the event was the presen­ta­tion of a medal of honor to the Meis­terrat Berlin-Bran­den­burg e.V. for outstanding German-French coop­er­a­tion in the field of applied arts.

Lectures and the partic­i­pa­tion of the Meis­terrat Berlin-Bran­den­burg e.V. in exhi­bi­tions gave the German actors inter­na­tional visi­bility. Together with Natalya Cholet (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry CCI Paris Ile-de-France), it was ensured that the exhi­bi­tion concept achieved a deci­sive polit­ical and economic impact. The German exhi­bi­tion was opened by a lively greeting from the German Ambas­sador in Paris, Mr. Nikolas Meyer-Landrut.

Paris was affected by a massive strike of the public services, including all means of trans­port, during the December weeks. Despite these adverse circum­stances, it seems that many visi­tors fought their way to the exhi­bi­tion and the cere­mo­nial acts to the Place St. Germain.