The “Manufakturen-Guide 2021” Berlin-Brandenburg

In this detailed guide to manu­fac­turing and arts and crafts, well over 220 manu­fac­to­ries, designers and arts and crafts work­shops from the capital region are presented. The selec­tion of the best manu­fac­turers in various cate­gories is made by expe­ri­enced industry experts. Throughout the year, they crit­i­cally examine the quality, design stan­dards and sustain­able produc­tion of the prod­ucts of the already recom­mended work­shops and the new ones.

The best addresses in the region — from porce­lain manu­fac­turers to bespoke shoe­makers and craft beer brew­eries — can be found in the guide. For easier orien­ta­tion, the guide also includes many city maps and an atlas in which all the places mentioned are listed. 
The format of the Manu­fac­tory Guide is compact and fits easily into any large handbag or suit­case.




The Manu­fac­tory Guide presents not only luxury manu­fac­to­ries, but above all regional work­shops that operate at an above-average level but are not mentioned in any other guide because they have no lobby or corre­sponding trade rela­tions.
The Manu­fak­turen-Guide is a source of infor­ma­tion for good, sustain­able and regional manu­fac­turers.




The Manu­fak­turen-Guide offers a selec­tion of the leading manu­fac­turers, designers and craftsmen in all price and product cate­gories in the region; as a result, you will find classic-style manu­fac­turers along­side newly founded studios and start-ups that combine their own hand­i­craft produc­tion with inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies. Inclu­sion in the guide is based on clearly defined and objec­tive criteria. Pictograms and key words facil­i­tate orien­ta­tion for the reader.




The Manu­fac­ture Guide takes a holistic view of the perfor­mance of the manu­fac­turers: factors such as inde­pen­dence, sustain­ability, regional produc­tion, design and the use of high-quality mate­rials are taken into account, as is the hand­crafted produc­tion of the specific prod­ucts. The Manu­fak­turen-Guide aims to contribute to a change in consump­tion in which good regional prod­ucts — and not just food — are increas­ingly becoming an alter­na­tive to the usual indus­trial prod­ucts in everyday life.



Size and/or weight : 11.18 x 2.54 x 19.05 cm

Circum­fer­ence: 420 pages

Publisher : Meis­terrat Berlin-Bran­den­burg e.V.

1st edition Language: German

Thin paper



The Manu­fac­tory Guide of the Council of Masters can be ordered from the Council of Masters Berlin-Bran­den­burg e.V. by e‑mail: