Handmade in New York

From 20 to 23 May 2018, the Hand­made in Germany World Tour gave a guest perfor­mance in New York. In the Jacob Jarvitz Center, centrally located in Manhattan, our exhi­bi­tion of German manu­fac­to­ries was a guest at ICFF, the most impor­tant Amer­ican furni­ture fair. The US market was still new terri­tory for many manu­fac­to­ries, others, like Ingo Maurer, moved with the ease of several years of expe­ri­ence on the Amer­ican floor.

A different experience than in China

After the numerous stops in China, the impres­sions from New York were different: The audi­ence was knowl­edge­able, asked specific ques­tions and often quickly answered the ques­tion about the avail­ability of the prod­ucts in the USA. Basi­cally, it was felt that it would be easier for many manu­fac­turers to enter the market here than in China. This led many exhibitors to decide to prefer activ­i­ties in the USA to activ­i­ties in China. The Amer­ican market remains inter­esting for many medium-sized quality compa­nies.


Despite some uncer­tainty through the current US govern­ment, invest­ments by German SMEs in the USA remain at a high level. The general mood of German compa­nies oper­ating there is also posi­tive. In the current AHK USA survey, all German compa­nies surveyed expect growth for their busi­ness in 2019. The USA remains an attrac­tive target market. The S‑CountryDesk and Deutsche Leasing network orga­ni­za­tions, which are repre­sented in the USA, are also observing this. German prod­ucts are in demand like never before.

The US economy is the world’s largest buyer of German exports and the No. 1 sales market for German prod­ucts. This is not only due to the sheer market volume. Amer­i­cans are very open to new prod­ucts and trends. This is favourable for the plans of German medium-sized compa­nies who want to expand or invest. The figures, however, mainly concern the classic German middle class, e.g. machine industry. For manu­fac­turers and quality producers, the starting points are more diffi­cult.

For most exhibitors this “hand­made” station was the begin­ning of a hope­fully longer romance with the Amer­ican market, espe­cially with New York, which, as is well known, still has the most billion­aires as inhab­i­tants. Although you don’t have to be a billion­aire to be able to purchase the artistic hand­i­craft prod­ucts from Germany, the atten­tion paid to quality prod­ucts on the Amer­ican conti­nent is consid­er­able, as we were able to feel on the spot.