Fair in Shijiazhuang — Impressions

Our exhi­bi­tion in Shiji­azhuang at the 2nd Hebei Inter­na­tional Indus­trial Design Week ended today. The run has been great over the past 5 days, and despite numerous other presen­ta­tions from design insti­tutes and industry asso­ci­a­tions from over 30 coun­tries in North America, Europe and Asia, our special exhi­bi­tion was a special hub at the show.

For the Chinese public — who came from all age groups — the presen­ta­tion of the manu­fac­to­ries offered a surprising spec­trum of attrac­tions: from bicy­cles to designer furni­ture, urns and artistic glass objects, visi­tors were able to see exhibits that were previ­ously rarely on the Chinese market. The prod­ucts were viewed with curiosity — some­times rather emotion­ally, some­times tech­ni­cally-analyt­i­cally, for example in ques­tions of mate­rial finish.

The capital regions of Hebei and Bran­den­burg have a long-standing part­ner­ship and the joint presen­ta­tion received a great amount of atten­tion at this year’s Hebei Inter­na­tional Design Week. The sustain­ably manu­fac­tured prod­ucts from Bran­den­burg were a perfect match for the motto of this year’s fair “Design Force — Empowers the city of the future”.