Political Agenda 2019

The German Craft Council presented it’s economic policy agenda on 1 April 2019. They are summarised in 16 reform proposals. The proposals deal with personnel and training issues, support for manu­fac­to­ries in exports and the creation of struc­tures that promote regional collab­o­ra­tion and a contin­uous exchange of knowl­edge.

Improving entrepreneurial structures through personnel development

  • Wage subsi­dies for assis­tants (accounting, office, IT, foreign languages)
  • Wage cost promo­tion for inno­va­tion assis­tants in the areas of design, PR, entre­pre­neur­ship, inno­va­tion manage­ment
  • spon­sored traineeships/traineeships for the gradual devel­op­ment of perma­nent employ­ment rela­tion­ships

Securing sustainability through innovation and export promotion

  • Adapting the promo­tion of inno­va­tion and tech­nology to the needs of non-indus­trial, craft-oriented compa­nies
  • Promo­tion of design studies and design projects on suffi­ciency policy
  • Promo­tion of export clus­ters (e.g. common retail areas abroad)
  • Adap­ta­tion of the AUMA outdoor trade fair promo­tion to new, rele­vant inter­na­tional trade fairs
  • Manu­fac­tory 4.0: active promo­tion of digi­ti­sa­tion projects for manu­fac­to­ries (for prod­ucts, processes and commer­cial and non-commer­cial busi­ness models).

Promote regional collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing.

  • promo­tion of Commu­nity forms of regional trade in goods and services
  • Awarding of schol­ar­ships and prizes for student commit­ment to sustain­ability
  • Support of image campaigns for sustain­ability educa­tion
  • Support of “Living Labs” between compa­nies, science and customers
  • Initi­a­tion of taste devel­op­ment projects

Giving Financial Incentives for Good Business Practices

  • Incen­tives for lean, ecolog­i­cally opti­mised retail ranges
  • Incen­tives for the creation of sharing models
  • Incen­tives for regional procure­ment and region­alised logis­tics