Radical Craft 3

The idea of craft has jumped to the fore­front of creative work. The many young arti­sans now engaged in digital fabri­ca­tion or tangible inter­faces may enjoy reflecting on the few who kept craft alive through the indus­trial and digital era. Bringing together an aston­ishing range of contem­po­rary artists, the exhi­bi­tion Radical Craft 3 presents an excel­lent and wide-reaching compi­la­tion of design and craft collectibles.

A whole new gener­a­tion of crafts­people, designers and artists are bringing fresh perspec­tives to field of craft discourse. Today, there is a lively crossover between craft, design, sculp­ture and tech­nology that is rethinking the defi­n­i­tions of art and design.

Europe’s of craft is consid­ered in its full breadth – from pottery and weaving, to contem­po­rary art, 3D-printed ceramics and cura­tion. The exhibits are divided into themed sections and all of them are intro­duced, placing each in its histor­ical, cultural and artistic context.

Partic­i­pating artists:

Barbara Adamsky, Wendy Andreu, Dovile Bernadišiute, Claudia Biehne, Camilla Bliss, Edmond Byrne, Lukas Cober, Marie Eklund, Julien Feller, Simone Fezer, Sara Gack­owska, Laura Görs, Philipp Gröninger, Erica Iman, Joshua Kerley, Klaus Kirchner, Edvin Klasson, Christina Kless­mann, Jil Koehn, Horst Kontak, Djeric – Hunold, Niklas Link, Andrei Loginov, Kris­tine Mands­berg, Chris­tian Masche, Betty Montarou, Aino Nebel, Niruk, Joseph Pintz, Sarah Purvey, Irina Razu­movskaya, Zuber + Salz­mann Studio, Martin Schatz, Sarah Schrof, Marc Schweizer, Tino Seubert, Sofia Souidi, Silke Spitzer, Edu Tarin, Vaust, Gabi Veit, Babette Wiezorek, Amber Zuber.

Friday 1st October 2021
To Friday 1 April 2022